Camdata is a Cambridge-based supplier of terminals for traffic light controllers

All Camdata terminal handsets connect to a variety of traffic light controllers (including ones conforming to the TR2210, TR 0141C and BS EN 12368 standards) from:

  • Siemens
  • Imtech Traffic and Infra (formerly Peek, which had acquired divisions of both Ferranti and Philips)
  • Telent (formerly GEC/Marconi, which acquired Traffic Signals/Microsense)



The terminals are a fully functional replacement for the obsolete:

  • Oyster Terminals Handset
  • Oyster 4/80 Pocket Terminal
  • Oyster Traffic Light Controller


The standard TechTerm TT1NEL-PW-R2-1-BK is optionally available with a black or a yellow (illustrated) protective boot. 


Included is an extendable coiled cable to a 25-way male D-type connector to plug into the traffic light controller, from which power is derived. A comprehensive set up menu allows selection of the Baud rate and word format.  Note that UK traffic light controllers are set up as either:

  • 9600; 7 data bits; Even parity, or
  • 1200; 7 data bits; Even parity






Tech Term Terminal